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Cykl was started in 2017 to provide a healthy, clean, comfortable and inexpensive mobility solution for travelling short distances within Wageningen.

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If you have a old bike, you can bring it to our partner Restore. Restore recycles the parts and uses them for 'new' bikes for the bike share.


Bike sharing should benefit the local community. Cykl was started as a student project. Nowadays it's a (small) social enterprise. A social workplace in Ede is involved in servicing the Cykl bikes. Also, we submit changes in the open source code to other bike sharing projects in Europe.


Cykl aims to reduce urban congestion by providing a healthy and clean mobility service. The open source software supports small scale bike share projects, making more areas accesible by public transport in smaller cities.

  • Smartphone
  • Open Source
  • iDEAL
  • PayPal
  • Credit Cards

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